Down But Not Out! Terryanne Chebet Looks Ravishing And Breathtaking In Her Recent Photos

Former Citizen TV business reporter and news anchor Terryanne Chebet has been in the media industry for the longest time, having started out as a popular actress back in the day.

Terryanne has also worked in key media houses such as CNBC Africa, CCTV Africa and National Broadcaster KBC, and also doubles up as a TV director and producer.


The journalist is also the CEO OF Scarlet Digital and recently, she ventured into her own cosmetics business, where she sells Organic skin care products for women, which she debuted after being fired from Citizen TV.

Away from all the hustle, Terryanne is also a mother to a gorgeous girl, Imani Wambui, and though she’s not married, Terryanne Chebet has done a good job of bringing up her daughter well as a single mother.

You Might Not Believe The Kind Of Job Terryanne Chebet Did Long Before Her Media Breakthrough

terryanne-chebet-daughter (2)

Back in 2016, the Corporate MC was one of the employees whose contracts were terminated by Royal Media Services and according to the company, it was as a result of the changes witnessed in the broadcasting industry.

However, Terryanne Chebet has picked up the pieces and is doing well for herself. Other than her business, she has also been receiving a lot of gigs and projects for her work as a moderator and MC.

Other than that, Terryanne looks more stunning and is glowing, and her latest photos are sure proof. Check them out below.


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