Double blessing! Singer Kambua pregnant with her second born child

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu is pregnant with baby number two.

Kambua shared her blessing with her fans on Instagram.

Kambua has been childless for seven and she suffered ridicules for being childless yet married for a long time.

She welcomed her firstborn child Nate in August last year.

Now, God has blessed her with a second child a year after.

Kambua took to her Insta stories to announce her miracle yesterday.

‘The enemy spoke to me loudly that night that my husband needs another woman,’ Kambua opens up


“I don’t see myself sleeping tonight. I’ve received such great news. God keeps blowing my mind. Ah!” she wrote.
She wrote on her Instagram,

“God of Sarah… God of Hannah…God of KAMBUA! 😭 Just when I thought you had done too much…! YOU did it again! 🤰🏾✨✨”
In one of her photos, Kambua wrote;

“The more I trust Him, the more He amazes me ✨✨✨. Is anything too hard for God? … Be still and know… 💛”

Check out the photos of Kambua’s baby bump.


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