Do’s and Don’ts when visiting your mother-in law this holiday

The holidays are almost here and most women are preparing to be taken to visit their mothers-in-law to be and here is how to leave an impression.

1. Stay Offline

You might be tempted to spend your days on the couch catching up on your WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook post but dare not.

Don’t let your mother-in-law assume you are a useless potato couch who has nothing to offer. Make yourself useful.

2. Offer to Pray for meals and before sleep

We all know that he prayer can move mountains, so before you are even asked offer to pray you never know it might soften even the hardest of hearts.

3. Dress  appropriately

The temptation to rock booty shorts may be high but hold it down girl,Your  In-laws have seen enough tender things to get swayed by your.

So wrap a leso or wear something decent otherwise your in-law might start asking the son kama alioa kahaba (prostitute).

4. Help with house chores

Slay queens this is meant for you, there is nothing like Pizza when you go to your mother-in-law. Don’t let her know you don’t feed her son well.

Utawachwa ubaki mataani.

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5. Avoid gossip

The best way to make your mother-in-law fall in love with you is to avoid joining other girls in the village to gossip.

You would rather gossip with her, hio hawezi mind.

6. Abstain from pekejeng

I know this idea may sound really bad but what is better than making your MIL to think you are practising abstinence?

Waiting a few days wouldn’t hurt. It’s better than waking up to stares over all the weird noises you were making at night during your escapades.


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