‘Don’t wish to be famous, wish to be rich’ – Cardi B

Singer Cardi B has advised fans to dream of making more money and not wish to be famous.

According to Cardi B making money is much more important compared to fame.

The American rapper says being famous sometimes makes her sick and she regrets it.

She also took it to her Instagram stories in the aftermath of the Met Gala afterparty to warn her followers against struggling to gain fame.

“I am sick of fame” Cardi B admitted.

Cardi B also had a live chat where she told her fans that being famous feels like being in prison, where someone cannot be his/her true self even for a moment.

“I have always felt like I am a prisoner of fame,” Cardi B said.

Cardi B also pointed out fans who have always wished to be rich and famous, She advises them to only remain with the wish of becoming rich and withdraw the wish of becoming famous.

” I was cursed with fame,” she said.

Cardi_B_Photo_by_Chris_Allmeid_(cropped) (1)
Cardi_B_Photo_by_Chris_Allmeid_(cropped) (1)

The American rapper said that she is wishing to go back to the times she used to dance and earn money when she was not known to the world.

Cardi B is known for her aggressive flow and candid lyrics, She began to gain publicity in 2013 which was due to his videos that were going viral on her Instagram page. 

Cardi B’s most popular music that added to her fame was ‘Bodak Yellow, released in 2017. Even though he started being famous in 2014. 

‘Bodak Yellow’ solidified her place in hip hop. She was nominated for two Grammys in 2017 for the best rap performance and the best rap song. 

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