‘Don’t take my silence for weakness’ Steve Mbogo to Cyprian Nyakundi

Steve Mbogo has come out to blast Cyprian Nyakundi who has been spreading rumors.

He stated that he has been a victim of cyber bullying for way too long and it is time all that stopped given that it is hurting him and his family.

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In a long post he says

“For the past two years I have been a victim of cyber bullying and slander… many bloggers and journalists have accused and attacked me falsely but I have always kept cool coy they always made me Wronger n my success has always proved .em wrong… Shockingly. they have now taken the war to my family .. just recently a blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi published an article accusing my wife of cheating on me.

And stating that I took a girl to Europe to ease my frustrations., a lady I don’t even know this statements are completely false and have caused a lot of pain to me and my family. Publishing such false articles tells us the level of disrespect and jealousy that Is within many.”

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He adds

“l want to remind them not to take my silence for  weakness!, We all have seen such characters abusing  Prominent Leaders and People in the past

They brag about it  I am Steve Mbogo  I assure You this is the last articles you will publish about me and my Just be reminded that Your Stupidity will never bring us down.

#Enough is Enough..#watajuahawai”

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