Nyota Ndogo

Don’t stay in a bad marriage for your kids – Nyota Ndogo

Coast singer Nyota Ndogo has words of advise to couples in abusive or unbearable relationships.

On a note on Instagram, she said

Never stay in a relationship for the sake of kids because if the parents are not happy they cannot make they kids happy the kids will always hear things that kids not surpose to hear when both perants are fighting .sasa mukishauwana hao watoto wataishi vipi?jamani tuacheni kujitesa vitu vingine vilipitwa na wakati

Nyota Ndogo Instagram March 18th

Back in April 2021, Nyota pulled a pregnancy prank on her mzungu that nearly cost her her marriage. Her angry Danish husband left Kenya and she had several difficult months trying to apologizer and ask him to take her back.

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