‘Don’t sit and wait for me to go broke’ Akothee to those wishing her doom

Akothee is loved and hated in equal measure by Kenyans for her lavish lifestyle and it’s no surprise that some people would do anything to have her life.

She knows too well that most people are living fake lives and she does not plan on being part of it. Her message to her fans is that if you don’t like her simply temebeza kiatu, literally

She wrote

“I have al ot of fun in being me for me ! If you don’t like me & I don’t know you so I don’t even care ! Live your flashy life in restaurants thinking its class! You will soon come back home & go to the toilet 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂 ,you wont understand how sweet a simple life is !

Look at where we are eating sukuma and omena 😂😂😂😂😂, and if I cant service the pool, I will drain water and turn it into a fish pond or fill it with soil and plant onions, If I can’t pay electricity and cant afford fuel for the generator,


I will simply cook by 5.00 pm and eat while the natural light is still on ! will be in bed by 7.00pm and charge my phones at the center or at my neighborhood . So don’t sit down and wait for me to go broke I have tactics of turning stress into ideas . Life is so funny don’t refuse up there ! Allow some process in life so you appreciate every moment in your life TURN STRESS INTO IDEAS.”

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