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‘Don’t Play with the Govt’ Itumbi warned after being sued for child support

Kenyans are still coming to terms with the news that Dennis Itumbi has been sued for child support.

The city woman argued that Itumbi deserted his child from birth.

Through her lawyer Enricah Dulo she is seeking Sh50,000 monthly maintenance allowance.

Below are some of the reactions.

@HonOngoya :Halafu Itumbi kalikuwa kana lisha mtoto wa maribe na gaidi ingine na yake kanateseka. Jinga sana
 @RKI2011 :This should be seen in positive light. At least proved Itumbi is a normal man…..not a permanent friendzone victim
 @OAbira :Weh! usicheze na serikali. sasa Itumbi ametafutiwa dawa yake vile Linturi got sorted for flirting around with an unwanted agenda for parliament.
@Moss47777706 :@OleItumbi Haiya….!! Mr. Prefect, ata wewe uli wacha mzigo kwa jirani…? Endea mzigo wako. ¶» na kila mtu ata uchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe .
@emwash245:.Mtu wa facts a child is a blessing,mueke kwa Ile NHIF ya state House,the one you wanted to include a stranger.
@ejnyamogo #Ero! Let there be a law in Kenya that forces Men to marry women that they impregnate. @MarthaKarua and other legal minds does this make sense in defense of innocent girls and women?
@Munanyakhi : Some ladies when you sire a kid with them tend to elope with the child then when things get thick financially and the man is well off, they come back to haunt you in the name of “Child support”, before we judge, we should hear both sides of the story.
@DLUDOGOLI :Keep us out of this drama …… we have enough on our hands already.

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