‘Don’t marry him without carrying out a financial audit’ Maina Kageni to women

Today’s morning conversation has left a majority of men furious after Maina Kageni suggested that women should carry out a financial audit on their men.

According to Maina, carrying out an audit will help a woman ensure that they bring out the best in their men or even identify red flags which they could have missed before.

The audit should be all rounded, meaning financially, socially- get to know his friends and family because being s3xually endowed is only a bonus.

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Here is what the men had to say

“You are advising them to financially audit a man because you have money and you can marry them, for us it does not work that way.

We met get married/date and we look for the money together, pesa ni kutafutwa hutafutwa. No one was born with cash.”

Couple doing a financial budget

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Another adds

“Ladies courtship is really important, be patient get to know your man and enjoy the good things that come with it.”


Another emotional fan goes hard on Maina asking

“Whats the need of being faithful to a woman who is only after my money? Are you saying that men who are broke don’t have a right to get married?

If she wants my justification I can as well justify I have money with other women.

What would you say to my uncle who got married 5 years ago and sadly got into an accident, losing his job in the process? Should my aunt leave him if it’s all about the money?

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