Reginah Daniels with her bae Senator Ned Nwoko

‘Don’t live to impress people’ Shouts billionaire Nwokos bae Reginah

Reginah Daniels is the name on every one’s lips for the past week and well it is for all the wrong reasons and she is less bothered about it.

The 29 year old is set to marry a flamboyant Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko as a fourth wife and this has not settled well with people given that she dumped her young boyfriend.

In one of her posts she seems to have accepted her fate stating

If you can realize how quick people forget the dead, you would stop living to impress people.You don’t need to be better than anyone .In order to be worthy.

The 29-year-old set to marry Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko – Photos

Reginah Daniels with her bae Senator Ned Nwoko
Reginah Daniels with her bae Senator Ned Nwoko

Going by flashy lifestyle it is evident that she is living the life. She recently acquired (Or maybe her bae acquired it for her) a high end car which has left many drooling.

She also enjoys private jet rides and girl we are impressed.

She captions

My new baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

image-2019-05-03 (2)

In a different  post she captions her new car

My mini baby is here 👌

Check out the photos that perfectly outline the 29 year old’s flashy lifestyle.

Reginah Daniel’s Mercedes
Reginah Daniels
Reginah Daniels
Reginah Daniels enjoying a quiet moment in a private jet
image-2019-05-03 (2)
Nigerian actress Reginah Daniels
image-2019-05-03 (1) (1)
Actress Reginah Daniels who is Senator Ned Nwoko’s fiancee





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