Omanyala, don’t fall for a washed-out Huddah! Cess Mutungi

Classic105 presenters Cess Mutungi has called out Huddah Monroe terming her a woman of low morals after she hit on Ferdinand Omanyala.

Cess says it’s a shame that Huddah wants to sow where she did not plant.

The outspoken radio host hailed Omanyala’s wife for having stood by him when he had nothing and when no one believed in him.

Sharing her open with her co-host Mike Mondo, Cess advised,

“Huddah is those women of easy virtues. Omanyala was not always like this. Where was she when he was struggling He was not like this until another woman came in and helped him become who he is.”

Cess went on to advise Omanyala not to lose focus and taint his name over a few seconds of fun. According to Cess , Huddah is not worth losing his career for.

“Your option cannot be a washed-out socialite.”

She went on to advise Huddah to get married like her fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

“We cannot have Omanyala’s reputation tainted.”

Huddah had earlier taken to her social media to lust over Omanyala asking to be connected to him.

“Omanyala is not soo bad looking hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. @Mpashogram connect hiyo date,” she captioned.

This came contradictory as she had earlier stated she would never date a black man as they are too much work.

“I’ve dated too many nationalities and dating a black man is like going in a maze! It’s too much hard work, you can easily go mental and the reason is their mothers. Y’all women with sons do better for the next generation of black men!”
read part of her post.

Omanyala is engaged to Lavender Omanyala with whom he has a son. The couple met in 2016.
Do you agree with Cess that Huddah is a woman of loose morals?


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