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DON’T EVER MESS WITH HIM! Larry Asego Shows Off His Incredible KickBoxing Skills (Video)

Larry Asego is known for his funny antics with his fellow radio host, Nick Odhiambo on the evening show, Larry, Nick and Friends, where they use humour to relate to their fans.

The Classic FM radio host is not just a radio presenter but also has other skills and abilities.

Larry Asego is also known for his professional photography skills and to add to his other talents, he’s also a fighter, and no, I don’t mean that he beats up people.


The husky-voiced media personality has been on a workout regime where he has been taking exercise classes seriously so that he can keep fit.

Larry Asego always makes sure that whatever the activities he engages in, they are calory burning and this doesn’t necessarily mean having to go to the gym.

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In a recent video that we obtained, Larry Asego seems to have found another way to not only keep fit but also learn a few kickboxing skills so as to enhance his workout regime.

In the video, the popular radio host can be seen throwing punches as his trainer intensely takes him through a kickboxing class where he also flaunts his strong, muscular legs, a side of him few have seen before.


Other than this, Larry Asego is also a serious biker who likes to cycle for long distances, which explains his toned body.

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Without further ado, I introduce you to the kickboxing champion of the day.

You sure don’t want to get on his bad side, aye?



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