Don’t date a woman in her 30’s/40’s when college girls are there! Man says

The topic about why men avoid dating and marrying women in their 30’s and 40’s elicited a heated discussion that labelled such women as difficult to date because they are set in their ways.

Many men called Mike Mondo and said they prefer younger girls whom they can mould and dictate what to do.

“Why are alot of men shying away from these women? I’m turning 40 on 13th July. Jana mlinionea ati Mike you need to settle down and it hit me. What about the ladies in their 40’s. Alot of these ladies are single why? Men why aren’t you marrying with these ladies and settling down?”

Co host Mwalimu demanded to know if these older women want to get married “wanataka?

Mike Mondo reiterated that they are  ‘they are very ready to get married‘. You know by the time a lady gets to 40 anajijua’ Mwalimu added that, ‘by the time a lady is 40 years she is organized hataki confusion’

Several male callers advised Mike that older woman are stubborn and won’t listen to the men, and that is why they chose college girls who can be molded.

One man said “these ladies when they get to 35 or 40 kengele inalia, nobody can approach her because she is now ageing, have you seen thi? akifika 35 to 40 remember we have 20 year olds, mimi siezi oa mwanamke wa 40 uampoeleka wapi na college girls wako, acha akae single”

An angry woman summed up what men were trying to say “heh my friend acha nikuambia guys fear those ladies wanataka tudame wanaeza control”

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