Amber Ray vs Amira

‘Don’t be this desperate’ KOT share opinions after Amira takes back Jimal

The hashtag #Dontbethisdesperate has been trending for the past three days since we learnt Amber Ray and Jimal are no longer together when she admitted ‘si tulikosana tu”

The rumors began on Friday and on Saturday Amber Ray confirmed in a QnA where she was asked ‘Now that mmeachana will you delete his pics from your IG page?

Β She responded ‘of course’.

KOT has been split about this drama with one woman saying first wife Amira taking Jimal back smirks of desperation, hence the hashtag. Many cited the public humiliation he put her through to convince her not to take back her cheating hubby.

Jamal Roho Safi back to wife Amira after ditching the Watermelon Amber Ray. Kibaki. Kikuyu. Speaker JB Muturi. DON’T BE THIS DESPERATE. #Malkiastrikers #mejja

β€” π™”π™Šπ™π™π™Šπ™“π™”π™‚π™€π™‰ (@MwanikiCastone) July 25, 2021

Twitter handle @OumaSarah1 passionately wrote her opinion

Amber ray probably found a richer guy.. Now Jamal will run back to the wife he publicly humiliated, sadly Amira will take him back with open arms.

She added that

Amber ray publicly abused her… He bought amber ray flowers after that and went to her house. He didn’t even defend the mother of his children

In another post Sarah added
Jamal let the other woman abuse the mother of his children on social media.. I choose my mental peace.

concluding that
Yeah, its sad how people are only pointing fingers at Amber Ray. makes me wonder if we should give the man a trophy for going back to his wife

I hate to see women sell themselves short.

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