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Does your man ogle at other women in your presence? asks Maina Kageni


On the crazy Monday pullout there is an article about men with wondering eyes who stare at other women even in the company of their lovers.

Apparently that went down over the weekend at Muthaiga Gold Club.

But here is the thing guys, why are you oogling when in the presence of your woman? How do you expect her to feel?

Mwalimu says men like to appreciate other women because it is normal. He says men are visual creatures.

Maina Kageni wanted to know how men would feel if the shoe were in the other foot. Guys, how would you feel if she stared at another man?

Is it rude and mannerless?

Ladies, has he ever done it in your presence? How did it feel and how did you deal with it?

A male caller stated that ‘kama mtu ameoanda shamba au amejenga nyumba mzuri’ si unaangalia? But what if he is with his wife nd she is staring? ‘Mbona unaangalia and unayako?

‘ and that’s the reason why hawa watu tulipewa wawe maua. unangalia hiyo maua unasema nitafanya hivi.’

Carole said ‘it’s normal to see guys do this nowadays, and when you complain he says I am being petty. I am used to it. Yani it’s normal, we are in another era now, if someone is beautiful she is beautiful, surely you just have to understand it’s their nature.’

But why do men only look at one area of a body. How come they don’t stare at her fingernails, or her hair Maina wanted to know.

Women called in admitting they oogle at other men, but the difference is they do it respectfully, unless he has ‘matharau’.

Stella said; ‘If you look at another women walking by, I will do the same. And you know what I will do? I’ll let’s say if my guy is potbellied, and short, na anapata guts ya kuangalia mwanamke mwingine, I’ll even look at a better one, and say ..ngai ngai ngai..those abs..’

Listen tot he audio of the differing views between men and women over staring

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