Does he really love you? Take him for a scan

It is the perfect invention for an angst-ridden teenager or a suspicious spouse – scientists have paved the way for a test that can tell if someone is truly in love.

Neurologists claim to have discovered the secrets of how different emotions affect the brain.

By poring over scans of people in different stages of romance, they think they have the first clues as to what true love looks like.

 Initial results show a dozen different areas of the brain is affected in different ways by the emotions of love.

A cocktail of chemicals carry messages from one region to another, which may allow scientists in the future to use MRI scans to tell what someone truly feels.

Early results published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reveal that the team are already confident they have discovered the part of the brain – the caudate nucleus – which is most active at the end of a love affair.‘

If the other parts of the puzzle can be pieced together, they may one day be able to tell exactly how someone feels with a brief scan.

The concept opens up new possibilities for use of the technology in legal disputes, divorce proceedings or criminal trials involving crimes of passion.


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