Does a married daughter have a right over deceased fathers property Maina asks

Dear men, does your sister stop being your fathers daughter when she marries?

That was the argument on Classic 105, as Maina debated the touchy topic of married daughters and inheriting her late fathers property.

Two brothers who had sought to block their sisters from a sh80million inheritance formed the basis of the morning debate.

Justice Teresiah Matheka directed Mr Francis Wambugu and Mr Sammy Mathangani to ensure the estate of their mother Esther Wangui Kamuhia (deceased) was divided equally among all five children.

In their objection, the brothers wanted the estate shared equally between the two of them on the grounds that it was the wish of their deceased mother.

While dismissing the two brothers’ arguments, Justice Matheka said the issue of married daughters not inheriting from their parents is a dead horse.

“The Law of Succession Act does not know sex/gender.  It knows the deceased’s child. The parcel of land belonged to the mother of all the parties herein. None of them has a superior right of inheritance. By taking it all the sons will turn it to their own private property with no access to the daughters.  The fact of their marriages per se does not change the fact that the protesters are children of the deceased,” the court ruled. 

Maina Kageni argued his support for the Judges ruling noting that:

First of all its a great victory for women, first of all, understand you’re sister even if married on the moon, does not stop being your fathers daughter

how are we thinking like that in 2019, there is not one single man who agreed with Justice Matheka, and this morning I want to know what you think

Here are reactions from Classic 105 fans:

Felix Agola(Mr President)..

Maina my parents properties should be shared equal amgonst as all without discriminating the ladies and so should my properties shared equally amongst all my kids including my daughters
Carol Kungu..
@ItsMainaKageni @Classic105Kenya If a will was written by the dad it cannot be changeable so men ve to swallow the bitter pill and accept the fathers and respect and honour his wish…..Aaaaarrggghhh…..#MainaAndKingangi

the property in dispute belongs to their late MOTHER not father. And those men’s should be ashamed fighting over a woman’s property. Waende watengeze yao.

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