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Do You Decide With Your Heart Or Mind?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a morning or an evening person? Are your decisions based on logic or emotions?

There is a new concept about finding out where your true self is located. It’s either in the heart or the brain. A study has also been conducted on the same and has shown that it affects the types of charities or political affiliations one may have.

Here is the difference between a head person and a heart person.

Heart people..

1. Characterize themselves as emotional and inter-personally warm

2. Put emphasis on interpersonal intimacy in their relationships, such as discussing how they’re feeling with another

3. Rely on how they’re feeling in order to make a moral decision, rather than making one based on rational considerations

4. Experience greater negative emotions when they’re stressed

5. Support charities 

6. Place greater value on belonging to social groups

Head people

1. Characterize themselves as more rational and inter-personally independent

2. Enjoy intellectual challenges 

3. Employ logic and rational characterizations when making decisions, rather than making a choice based on what they’re feeling

4. Have a higher grade point average as students and higher scores in general knowledge questions

5. Support brain-disease charities (like Alzheimer’s disease)

6. May be drawn to people with similar intellect.

So which one are you?

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