Do Kenyan men cheat because their wives relax after marriage? (AUDIO)

You can bet that on the Classic 105 FM morning conversation with Maina and Kingang’i, men and women will always have differing opinions on cheating. On Friday was no different as men shared with Maina why they cheat on their wives. They defended their actions by saying:

“Please tell our wives this, these other women feel a certain gap in our lives.”

Maina asked King’ang’i if it is true women can’t satisfy their needs and King’ang’i spoke on behalf of most men saying that they their wives cannot satisfy their every need because they can’t be everything.

A lady called and said that sometimes women are not to blame because they try to satisfy their husbands needs but they do not appreciate their efforts. She gave an example saying that her husband is the one that doesn’t satisfy her needs.

This conversation however turned tables since Maina expected most women to have a different opinion but instead some sided with King’ang’i.

A man called and poured his heart out saying that women relax after marriage and when they go to other women they don’t cheat but they try to make themselves happy. He also said,

“The problem with ladies is that when they get married they relax, so when they relax their are some things they don’t do for us and if they don’t do this things for us wee end up with other women.”


Listen to the full conversation below.

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