‘Do I sleep with our pastor to end my marital problems?’ asks city woman

We all look to a happily ever after after marriage, but that has not been the case for one city woman whose new marriage in jeopardy.

Her marriage is in jeopardy because their pastor wants to be involved in every decision they make. It is said that he is manipulating he husband when it pleases him.

She sadly narrates that their pastors word is law in her husband’s life and whatever he says he gladly does without any questions.

“I am newly married but my husband practically worships his pastor. We have been 1 year into this union but it is only what his pastor ask him to do that’s does. Even when we got married the pastor had to ask him to buy me a car before he did. Any misunderstanding, if his pastor does not come in then it is never solved. Even when he hit me on several occasions only his pastor can make him apologize. Now I want him to start a business for me because I am tired of sitting at home, but he has bluntly refused.”

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She then goes to narrate how the man of God tried to touch her inappropriately, and sadly her husband does not believe her when she told him about the ordeal.

“I went to his pastor to beg him to beg my husband and the man started touching my chest. I slapped him and he slapped me in return. I was so shocked that a pastor could be violent to a woman and he asked me to get out of his office. I don’t know what to do, my husband won’t even believe me and I don’t know what lies he might cook up against me. Do you think I should sleep with my husbands pastor? I feel if I do my marital problems will be solved.”

Businessman Praying --- Image by © Hans Neleman/Corbis
Businessman Praying — Image by © Hans Neleman/Corbis

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Cases of pastors ‘blackmailing’ their followers and brain washing them is not new thus the woman’s dilemma.

Below are some of the comments advising her on what to do.

debowale.adu: If you sleep with him now, you will keep sleeping with him

tbag452: If u sleep that’s gonna be the beginning of ur main problem

tbag452: U should talk to his mum or dad about what transpired between u n the pastor or some u think can handle it maturely

officialhairboss: If you sleep with him, that’s gonna be the beginning of the end of your so called marriage ~ this doesn’t look like marriage to me in the first place!

ntysmiles: The problem started when you started thinking “if” you should sleep with him. It’s such a pity but your husband might be guy and his so called ****** might be bis3xual

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