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DNG’s timely advise to Nyashinski about marriage

Nyashinski left the singles club last year and just a few days ago, he left the ‘no child’ club after announcing his wife gave birth.

DNG, a friend and colleague to Nyash, bluntly decided to share wise words of advice to the singer on the show, Happy Hour on Switch TV.

“Nyashinski do not sing with the person that you are married to, it’s a trap!” DNG said

According to DNG, there are Kenyan celebrities who have already proven that working with their spouses has been the biggest mistake.


He went on to give examples of people like Otile Brown who worked with Vera Sidika, Khaligraph Jones with Cashy, Diamond and Zari. The harsh reality is that the internet still holds memories of their past relationships.

His warning to Nyash is so that something he hopes will never get to happen to any other person in the entertainment industry.

Thank you God for the most precious gift – Nyashinski finally welcomes first child

He went on to open up saying,

Its very horrible, in fact it’s the worst idea to date and sing with somebody you are dating. We have Otile Brown and Vera Sidika, Otile akaimbia Vera Wakaachana, We have Khaligraph and Cashy wakafanya collabo mbaya sana, Cashy akapenya wakaachana.

He went on to conclude saying;

We have Tdat and Kush Tracey waliimba pamoja collabo wakaachana, Tdat anakuanga na mangori nyingi he also dated Della wakaachana. Recently Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha, her big song wakaachana

Do you think his advice is solid to a brother man?

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