Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

Breaking: DNA confirms the late Ken Okoth was father of Ann Thumbi’s son

The mystery of whether Ken Okoth and Ann Thumbi had a son has finally been solved. The DNA analysis has revealed that the boy is the late Ken Okoth’s son.

This news will come as a relief to Ann Thumbi Muthoni who went to court and sued on behalf of her son who she said was Okoth’s son.

Anita Thumbi
Anita Thumbi, Ken’s other woman

Through her lawyer Elkana  Mogaka Thumbi, Ann had sued Okoth’s mum Angeline Okoth and wife Monica Okoth along with Lee funeral home.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

“The mother and wife have deliberately and unfortunately excluded me from the funeral and burial arrangements of Okoth” the petition read.

She said that she learnt of the arrangements from the media. According to Muthoni, the family has unilaterally decided to have the body cremated among other reasons to primarily destroy any evidence of her son’s lineage to Okoth.

Ken Okoth and his wife
The late Ken Okoth with his wife

Earlier today, The Star had established that the woman, a Jubilee-nominated MCA, approached Okoth’s family and demanded that her son be acknowledge before his ‘father’ is interred.

The bombshell about Okoth’s alleged lovechild became hot news when Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi spoke at Ken Okoth’s memorial service at Moi Girls telling those present that his son should be recognised.

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

Sonko not only went on the record during the service but also revealed images of the late Ken with Anne Thumbi holding their love-child!

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