‘They rebuke me without love all they have is hate’ DK kwenye Beat on being cyber bullied over his weight

Gospel artiste DK Kwenye Beat recently opened up about how he has been handling cyber bullying and ridicule especially due to his weight.

He has on a few times been trolled over his excess weight with some people even making memes,speaking candidly on Switch TV he says

“People have been having issues with my weight,they rebuke me without love all they have is hate,Me being a celeb and I am facing all this just imagine for someone who is not known.

Career wise I have not been affected, I decided to take that attention and put into something positive,On dealing with trolls I have learnt to keep quiet because the people out there have nothing to lose thus when you engage them they enjoy it.”

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DK Kwenye Beat

He adds

“Once you are a public figure people feel like they have a right over you,what people should understand is that today might be me but the next time it might be your dad,your sister or even your mum so treat people good.”

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He narrates some of the mean things people have said

“Niliambiwa nimemeza asusu,nafaa nicustomiziwe matress,Viti za kwangu zinafaa kua za chuma.I joined the gym after being told I am obese and it was now a medical issue.I did not join because of what people say.

The disadvantage of my size is that even getting clothes is hard and expensive,even in public matatus one is told to pay for two.”

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