DK Kwenye Beat

I did not rape her or sleep with her! DK Kwenye Beat speaks of scandal

This year has been a terrible one for gospel musicians if you look at the PR many of them have been getting following their numerous scandals.

Leading lights like Bahati, Mr. Seed, Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat are just some of the names that have been involved in the scandals.

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati together

DK’s was particularly embarrassing and potentially career-ending after a woman claimed that he and Hopekid had engaged in an unsanctioned 3-some with her.

He spoke recently to a certain radio station and revealed what the immediate aftermath had been from that time in his life. He said that he had not only lost friends but also deals, and his reputation.

He categorically denied that he had ever had s3xual relations with the alleged victim. He told the radio station that he and Hopekid had been tested for diseases and had been found to be clean.

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

He disclosed that NTV even refused to air an episode of Bahati’s reality show ‘Being Bahati’ in which he was featured. DK also spoke of the artistes like Bahati and Daddy Owen who had stood by him during that trying period. He told the radio station;

Familia kama ya DJ Mo na Size 8 walipigwa vita ambazo si zao. Kuna mtu kama Daddy Owen, kuna Moji, kuna Guardian Angel. Kuna mtu ambaye si wa karibu kama Juliani alifunga safari akakuja kuniona. Mwingine alisimama na mimi sana alikuwa anashinda kwangu mpaka saa kumi asubuhi ni Bahati na hio time hatukuwa hata tuko karibu.

DK noted that he could not leave the house for a whole month. He, however, noted that he did not lose God. He added;

Hio season, I thought I had friends but mimi najua tu ni watu tumekutana town kwa sasa. Hamna marafiki hii town. Pataneni mjini achaneni mjini hawa watu si rafiki zako.

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