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How DJ Soxxy’s Wife Gave Birth To 2 Kids After Suffering From This Terrible Infertility Disease

On June 18, 2011, popular spinmaster Jackson Kamau, popularly known as DJ Soxxy, and his wife Anne Waichigo, said ‘Yes, I do’ in a colourful ceremony attended by many celebrities. The two were happily married, but soon found that they could not have a child.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

Soxxy’s wife had been told by the doctor that chances were that she could not bear children, and this really disturbed her mind. But the courageous woman she is, she kept on nagging her hubby to start trying for a child, and after seven months in marriage, they agreed to do so. But two years later, there was nothing yet.


“I was frustrated from trying everything to get pregnant and my husband bore the brunt of that frustration. I kept thinking I was less of a woman because I couldn’t do one of the primary functions of a woman — have a baby.”

This was Anne’s lowest moments in life and at the beginning of 2013 during the last general election, she decided to let the dream of having a child go.

“It was one of my resolutions. I sat with my husband and said that we would not discuss anything to do with babies from then on. I would just focus on other areas of my life.”

But the prayerful woman she was, God finally changed her life. Towards the end of the same year, Anne found out that she was pregnant. One day, when she was driving back home, she felt nauseated and rushed to a clinic where she bought two pregnancy kits and on reaching home, she did the test and the results were positive.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

This changed her life completely. Anne waited for her husband DJ Soxxy, a gospel presenter, to come home, and she showed him the results. He was very surprised.

“Are these yours?” DJ Soxxy asked her.

The young lovebirds’ life changed completely, and on August 7, 2014, they welcomed their firstborn daughter Eliana Wambui, who doubled their happiness. In July last year, DJ Soxxy and his wife welcomed their second-born child, this time a boy who they named Ethan Wambage.

DJ Soxxy's kids

The religious power couple’s story is indeed proof that God is able, He is not slow to answer us and He is the Almighty.

“Only God knows your future. Sometimes you go through a situation and think it will be permanent, but it is just a season that is meant to teach us something. Whether it is hoping for a baby or unemployment, we need to take the lesson for that season.”


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