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Dj Soxxy’s 8th wedding anniversary is what dreams are made of

Celebrated gospel deejay DJ Soxxy and his wife Ciku are celebrating their 8th marriage anniversary.

The power couple has been through a lot of challenges, but they’re grateful to God. They are parents to two lovely children.


In a lengthy letter she penned on their marriage anniversary, DJ Soxxy’s wife showered him with love and narrated their life experience as a young couple.

In the last 8 years we have challenged, tested, pushed, pulled, fought, raged and cried together. We have struggled. We have pushed each other to the limit and continued to ask for more. We have taken each other outside of our comfort zones, kicking and screaming. We have triggered each other in ways that brought us to our knees. We have tested boundaries only to test them again and again. We have chosen our own selfish needs and wants over the other’s. We have fought for our independence and freedom while trying to remain a team. We have navigated careers and our own personal growth while trying to evolve as a couple. We have let our insecurities and fears influence our choices and behaviors. We have failed each other again and again.

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She continued,

In the last 8 years we have also inspired, loved, laughed, encouraged, supported, surrendered, created and grown together. We have loved. We have patiently waited as we discovered who we are as individuals and the work we each want to do in the world. We have soothed, supported and held each other’s hands through the scary unpredictability of life. We have listened when we didn’t want to. We have moved through grief and loss together. We have waited when we were impatient. We have trusted when consumed with doubt. We have changed even when it was uncomfortable. We have taken risks. We have forgiven. We have shined light on the darker parts of ourselves. We have surrendered old behaviors, wounds and stories. We have learned how to bend without breaking our own sense of self. We have encouraged each other to keep reaching and chasing after our dreams. We have said yes to adventures that weren’t our own so we could watch the other shine. We have created, birthed and worked hard to raise two beautiful, kind, empowered children. We have chosen each other again and again.

Being together for eight years is not a walk in the park. Ciku says it requires dedication.

What I know for sure after 8 years of being married is that it sure isn’t perfect, it requires effort and awareness and is navigated by CHOICE. It is a choice that you make every day and then that every day becomes 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, a lifetime. It is a choice of choosing to return to each other again and again.. I love you @djsoxxy.


The K24 TV gospel show host also showered his wife with love on their eighth anniversary and his message read;

Today we celebrated 8 years of God’s faithfulness in our marriage.. Just like the years have been full of ups and downs, our 8th anniversary today has been full of exactly that.. Started the day having to rush @ciikuwasoxxy to hospital in a foreign land and spending half the day receiving medicine through her veins… either way, when God is in control, the story always ends well. I thank God for you and look forward to many more happy and fruitful years @ciikuwasoxxy Love you.

The mother of two commented on his post and she wrote,

I thank God for you too and after 8years you know when I say I love you.. I don’t just say it.. It comes from a deep point😘😘.

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