Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot

“Mum did it and so can I” Dj Pierra on how she wants daughter to remember her (Exclusive)

A big part of Dj Pierra Makena is her only child, Ricca Pokot. Her daughter who is turning 5 in July is the apple of the entertainer’s eye and has revealed a kinder, softer side of a woman who has had to be tough as nails to succeed in her cut-throat industry.

In a recent interview with Dj Pierra, she explained to me what she would love her daughter to learn from her, telling me,

“How would she like her daughter to remember her? I want her to take from me that she can be an independent person. I want her to learn that this way of living where someone believes that ‘A man has to do something for me’, I want her to learn that she can do something by herself.”


“I want to empower her to show her that I did it myself and that she can do it herself like she doesn’t have to compromise herself to be successful. That when she looks at me in the future; hoping that I have built a better empire than I have done now, she can say that, ‘mummy did it and so can I’.”

Is she a spiritual person?

“Yes, I am. I have always been a spiritual and very Godly person. The relationship with my God has always been very intact. I think that that is one of the things that helped me carry on the year very well. Aside from my normal strength…or what the government can do for us, there is that superpower that has to take us through that. I think that’s what carried me through actually.”

Listen to audio of Dj Pierra speaking about her daughter and her spiritualism below:

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