Dj Pierra shares behind the scenes of daughters fairytaled themed birthday


Dj Pierra Makena’s daughter Ricca turned five this past weekend. She wrote “Happy birthday Ricca!!! I love you sooo much!! 5 looks good on you!!!”.

She threw a fairy tale party and days later has shared behind the scenes videos of how her princess arrived for the big day.

Pierra went all out for the lavish celebration and here below is the guest of honor arriving in a limousine with her cute pals.

“The party was held at the Carnivore where Ricca made her grand entrance. Makena wrote Celebrating my baby…..happy birthday my love. @chebi_creations this is a beautiful dress. You can hire a stunning limo from @executivecarworld ❤️❤️❤️❤️and @luxeallureevents perfect decor . Thank you @carnivorekenya for hosting the kids💕


Ricca was so impressed with her mothers effort that she exclaimed “mum you did all this for me?”

The party included more fun inside where Ricca was met by a multi colored balloon backdrop to pose, as guests received her.

Pierra shared the sweet family moments also dressed up for the occasion.

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