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DJ Pierra reveals the things she missed the most while in forced quarantine last year

Pierra Makena is the most popular Kenyan female DJ. The woman has earned her stripes and shown the power of consistency in an industry that kills and eats its own.

I interviewed the entertainer this week. One of the questions I asked her was her thoughts on the crazy 2020 that the world had experienced especially with the Covid pandemic.

Her answer was very matter-of-fact with the mother of one telling me, “It was alright, we survived it. It was o.k. I can’t complain much. We have learnt to adapt to the new norm.”

Explaining further, Pierra recalled how the Covid had made her cut her tour in the USA short when it became a worldwide pandemic.

“It was very challenging. I was there for a tour, having to cancel my tour and get stuck there…There is Covid, I have a young baby at home. It was all stressful but I got sorted and I got back home.”

Ms. Makena had finally been allowed to come back to Kenya but had to stay in isolation for a few weeks. How was her experience?

“I stayed in quarantine and isolation for a while and I learnt how to do my lives. It was strange when you can’t go out and meet your family or your friends. You are actually in isolation because you don’t know if have Covid or not, so it’s not like it’s a good experience.”

What did she realize that she missed a lot when she was in quarantine and might have taken for granted before her forced isolation? “Going to shop, going out for drives, going to work,” she said simply.

Listen to the Dj’s responses in the audio recording below:

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