Dj Pierra Makena’s message on single motherhood

Pierra Makena’s Instagram account got hacked but rather than quit social media altogether, she went ahead to open a new account and keep updating her fans on her life, all thanks to the gratitude she has for the major support they gave her while she was away. Pierra already has 255 plus thousand followers, clearly her fans love her.

Dj Pierra

Rumours about her baby daddy have been making hits ever since we knew she was pregnant. She has never revealed his name or face, all we know is that she is a single parent and that she likes it.

Piera Makena

She took to her social media stating that she never thought she would fight and conquer the journey of being a single mother. Despite being a single mother, Pierra says the best decision she ever made in life was having the baby as it changed her for the best (clearly from her gorgeous body) and she is the woman she has always wanted to be.

Pierra Makena

My baby is all grown.. We can comfortably snap a selfie without drama.having this baby was the best decision I ever made…she has changed me and made me a woman I have always wanted to be..never thought I’d make it as a single mom.. but Hey…Look at me now (Chris Brown voice & dance)

Well to you single mothers who think that the journey ahead will be a tough one, read and learn from Pierra’s amazing victory message.

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