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“I am almost at 60kgs and starting to get worried” DJ Pierra discloses (exclusive)

DJ Pierra Makena is one woman who has an iron will. The entertainer is not easily bullied, that’s why she is such a strong advocate against cyberbullying and body shaming.

In a recent interview I did with her, the mother of one explained her stance in detail after the recent online harassment of statehouse spokesperson Kanze Dena.

She told me, “As I said in one of the interviews, I don’t think there is anybody that will come because I am slim and pay my rent. Whatever size I am, it is still my hustle. That’s why we started the campaign, Be You, about being comfortable with yourself.”

Even I wish I had Kanze’s position! Dj Pierra gives possible reason for body-shaming

And she said that at the moment she has gained weight again, reminding her of the period after she had given birth when she was curvier.

“At the moment I have gained weight and I miss being curvy like I used to be. When I had gained weight I thought I was the cutest thing ever. People still used to holla at me and take me out for dinner. People thought I am perfect. For me, I embrace that and that’s the energy that people recognize. Be content with who you are and embrace it, be yourself.”

I asked her if there was a nice way that people can speak about obesity issues in our culture without necessarily body-shaming? She replied, “You see obesity is health. Trust me, anyone who is obese, it’s not like they want to be there just like anybody who has cancer, it’s not like they want to have it. Nobody ever wants to be in a situation that isn’t ideal.”

Adding, “Probably what people feel and what I need to correct is that obesity is a health issue and then there is being fat, which I call being curvy. I think curvy is nothing wrong. I mean there is a country that thinks, that if you’re thin that there is a problem which is also very bad. You are even trolled. If you have a problem with someone being big, then it’s you who has a problem. If I am fat I am healthy, if you’re thin you’re healthy. We are all healthy. It’s for me to chose which I want. It’s a personal decision.”

Finally finishing with the interesting point that she was she is still not sure about what size of body she wants for herself.

“I did not work out to lose my weight. My weight just left. I am almost at 60kgs and I am starting to get worried. I am not sure I want to lose it all. There are some things even in nature you cannot change. So there is nothing that is perfect. Perfect is you and what you are.'”

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