Pierra Makena with her daughter Ricca Pokot

‘I can’t see her for 11 days and I can’t sleep’ DJ Pierra says about daughter

Pierra Makena is probably Kenya’s most famous female DJ, a reputation that she had rightly earned after years of hard work and grit. But if you were to ask her, that accomplishment would most likely pale in comparison to her other role in life – that of being a mother.

Pierra has a daughter called Ricca Pokot, who is the apple of her eye and who she loves to bits – as most wonderful mothers would. But at the moment Pierra can’t physically touch her only baby after she came back from a trip to the USA, as she has to self-quarantine for 14 days as per government directive.

Pierra Makena's daughter, Ricca
Pierra Makena’s daughter, Ricca

The DJ has been sharing her melancholy at not being able to see her daughter due to the self-quarantine measures and her plight is heartbreaking ( I am sure this is a sentiment shared by many other parents caught in the unique predicament).

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In an Instagram post seen by Classic105,  Pierra revealed that she still can’t sleep at night but she feels better.

“Felt better yesterday. Still can’t sleep at night. Spoke to my baby.. and she is not taking it well. It’s terrible..I feel bad that i can’t see her yet.
Staying in the house is weird though..but thanks to my friends who have been checking up and even coming downstairs to wave at me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 crazy uh!?,” she wrote.

Dj Pierra with her daughter
Dj Pierra with her daughter

The DJ noted that staying indoors was strange to her but it’s something she has to do to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in case she is infected.

In another post, the entertainer reiterated the pain that she and her daughter shared over the forced separation at the moment.

I miss my baby sooo much!!😭😭😭😭 She misses me too and does not understand what is going on. I don’t have latest videos of us. I haven’t seen her in like forever…11 more days to go..all i pray is we don’t get a total lockdown such that i can’t even go to my moms after the 14days..please God hear our cries. 😔😔

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