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Dj Pierra Makena bombarded with per person sharing romantic proposals



A year ago while speaking on the topic of Double edged fame on Citizen TV in the segment Day break with Waihiga Mwaura, Pierra said that being in the limelight and fame has had a huge impact on her love life.

She told Waihiga that “It has been difficult for me to date because people want to make it their business“.

Fast forward to a year later and in a QnA with fans, Pierra was once again confronted with the question of dating eventually leading to marriage.

Racy proposals to date her were thrown in her direction and to put it simply she was amused.


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She told one she is super careful with dating referring to Nairobi as ‘ile ile’.

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But is she struggling to find her perfect match and is she worried?

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A fan decided to test her limits on being open to a new relationship and she responded

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