Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

DJ Mo’s new message shows his poor handling of cheating allegations

Dj Mo has suffered this week after he was accused of allegedly cheating on his wife. The body blows that he has taken are maybe comparable to what former American president Bill Clinton went through after he was accused of cheating on his wife with Monica Lewinsky.

My former statement might be a stretch but that doesn’t mean the Crossover101 presenter has suffered the past week. And his wife Size 8 has also been through the wringer (no fault of her own I might add).

While the Dj has been subdued about the allegations and only posted feel-good platitudes on his social media pages since then, it seems that his fighting spirit is still alive and kicking.

Apart from Size 8, these are the female celebs who have allegedly been cheated on

Yesterday, the father of two took to his Instagram stories with a cryptic message urging people to be keen on what they share or say. “Before you speak, let your words pass through these three gates: Is it True? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” read the poster.

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While I understand Dj Mo’s emotion, I find it hypocritical. He and his wife Size 8 started their own reality show, Dine with the Muraya’s where they said they would deal with their issues in an unfiltered and open manner.

This recent scandal has exposed the dishonesty in their argument. The two have decided to hide from speaking about the asteroid that crashed into their marriage.

Instead, the target of their ire has either being the devil (as Size 8 said after the allegations came out) or to blame people for speaking about what is a public issue (as Dj Mo said).

I can give Size 8 a pass for her silence, she has been a victim in this situation, Dj Mo not so much.

I would prefer if Dj Mo was to address the allegations head-on like men of old. If it isn’t true, he should sue Miss Wanyama, if it is true, he should apologise to his wife and fans.

But what do I know?

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