Size 8 with DJ Mo

Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

Dj Mo is a man under siege. The man who has been married to Size 8 for 7 years is facing probably the rockiest patch in his marriage.

This is because of the allegations that emerged yesterday on Edgar Obare’s Instagram page. You see, the Dj was exposed by a lady claiming to be called Margaret Wanyama.

The lady claimed that she and the Dj had been having a s3xual affair over the years. She even presented evidence in the form of intimate photos of the Dj and also some of their intimate chats. The couple haven’t yet commented on the allegations from Margaret.

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

The mother of one’s expose’ was the talk of the town among Kenyans yesterday night with many wondering what would happen to their marriage and Dj Mo himself?

His marriage

I think this one is on its death-bed. There had already been a couple of scares the past month. First off was the rumour that he was cheating. Then came the other rumour that Size 8 had moved out of their matrimonial home due to the cheating.

Even this past week things seemed to be going all the way south with Size 8 and the Dj having a confrontation on their Dine with the Muraya’s show.

In the latest episode, one can see that the gospel singer is at her wits end with her husband while Dj Mo who wants to work things out seems to be tired and wanting an end to the cheating scandal. The episode is below:

So on this one, my guess is simple. They might break up but I do have a slight inclination that they might stay together. Why? Because divorce is highly-frowned upon among the Christian community and it would hurt their shared interests.

In fact, I think they will go to counseling and try to work on their issues. A chastened Dj Mo will issue an apology to her and Kenyans and life will go on.

His career

That will not suffer. As we have seen in the gospel industry before with many male celebs who had been caught in a scandal-they apologise to their fans and move on as if nothing happened.

Don’t forget a major tenet of Christianity is forgiveness, one that the apology will most likely feature.

Also, Kenyans have short memories. A new and better scandal will come about that will engulf this one and soon Dj Mo will have the shine on him like it never left.


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