Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

It’s good to know who is and isn’t with you – Dj Mo says about tough 2020 (exclusive)

2020 was a year that most Kenyans (nay the world) would like to forget for Covid reasons. That would be the case too for Kenya’s most prominent gospel deejay, Dj Mo.

The man was rocked by a cheating scandal that threatened to end his 7-year marriage to musician and mother of his two kids, Size 8.

But fortunately for him his wife decided to make it work and forgave him. I recently spoke to the man in a short and candid interview.

Mo was honest and succinct.

On his finances and career, the man said that he had had to learn about diversifying his income streams after the Covid pandemic restrictions. He said;

It was crazy for me. It was one of the years that is a bit difficult for me to describe. In my career, things went well but I still didn’t do a lot of events. It was an eye-opening year. I had to learn a lot about investing but also staying strong and being stoic when income wasn’t flowing.

And what did he learn about his marriage in 2020. He reiterated something he has said all along. That marrying his best friend had been a masterstroke for him despite the challenges they had faced.

It was one year that my marriage had hiccups here and there. It was also a good year because I discovered so many things…you know it was a shaky year. I thank God because what I learnt was that it’s a good thing to marry your best friend. It’s always good to know who is with you and who isn’t with you.

The audio of the interview is below:


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