Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been in the news a lot lately. Although the two were already A-class celebs the press surrounding them has increased 10-fold in 2020.

The reason for that is their new show “Dine with Muraya’s” their half-hour NTV show that showcases the nitty-gritty detail of their lives. Some of the scandalous things that have aired on the show are in some of the articles below:

“Mkono mtupu haulambwi!” Size 8 tells DJ Mo as couples marriage drama continues

My money is ours while yours is for your family! DJ Mo complains to Size 8

‘She is clingy and nagging,’ DJ Mo accuses Size 8 of making marriage boring

I don’t want a divorce! Size 8 gives reason for her constant nagging

The show which airs on NTV every Monday at 10 pm, has been hugely successful among Kenyans with many praising its raw nature.

The two who have been married for seven years and been blessed with two children have let the public into the skeletons in their marriage closet-from bedroom affairs to doing business as a couple.

It has also made the Muraya’s a lot of money especially in these times of Covid-19 where many wallets have shrunk mightily.

Those benefits aside, I see have a nagging feeling that the show which was supposed to promote positive and real examples of marriage in the modern African context will do harm to its own stars.

You see, while the Muraya’s might be candid about sharing their deep and personal issues with their Kenyans, they can’t control for what the public will inevitably think.

If public opinion can shape a country’s direction, what could it do to a 7-year marriage? A lot is what I think. The nuance that is involved between two people in a marriage cannot be quite expressed through a 3 month show much less a 20-minute episode.

I might be wrong but I think the old phrase from the sages, “Do not air your dirty linen in public” is apropos for this article.

Most successful marriages keep an air of mystery as to the on-goings between them, especially the scandalous topics. And if/when they talk about them it is after a long time has past and the couple has been able to heal and deal with those issues.

These marriages succeed because the couple is able to deal with their issues away from prying eyes/nosy people. A healthy marriage is a united front, from the public-critics and fans alike.

For me, DJ Mo and Size 8 are endangering their already successful marriage as long as they continue airing their issues in public.

I hope my predictions are wrong for a couple that I hold in high esteem.

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