Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

DJ Mo speaks after viral video of him and Size 8 fighting emerged

Last week I wrote an article warning about the potential trouble brewing in the marriage of Dj Mo and Size 8 due to the couple allowing the public into their personal affairs. The article is below:

The fault in our stars-The problem with DJ Mo and Size 8 airing their marital issues

And it seems than no sooner had I written it than a viral clip of the two dropped that raised more questions than answers.

The video shows the couple who have been blessed with two kids in a heated exchange at a hotel. The video which was obtained by is below;

In the video, one can see that Size 8 is upset with her husband and tries to walk away from him. “…chenye unaniambia, ebu kwanza nkt…” she tells the Crossover101 presenter.

Dj Mo tries to make her stay as he pulls her back to the table forcing her to sit down while trying to calm her. “Kaa hapa,” he says.

But Size 8 isn’t having any of it as she declares that he should leave her be. “Sikai chini. wachana na mimi!”

Was the clip all for a show, clout or a real video of the two having a marriage tiff?’s Grace Kerongo called Dj Mo.

In the exclusive interview, Dj Mo at first told her that he didn’t have a comment about the video. When prodded further Dj Mo explaimed that he and his wife were in a good place. “Mimi niko sawa na bibi! (I’m at a good place with my wife)”.

My thoughts?

While Mo might say that things are great between he and his wife, I have my doubts. My advise would be a re-iteration of what I had said in the past-stop sharing every detail of your married lives.

In fact, they should take a break from social media, while they work on your marriage.

But what do I know?

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