DJ Mo Has The Perfect Response To A Rude Fan

You can almost hear everyone go OUCH!!

That’s because you never know what fans will comment on your page. once you update it with whatever content.These days fans go to a celebrities page to make all manner of comments, and while some celebrities engage fans, other choose to swipe and move on.

Well, the latest celeb to find himself telling off a rude fan is gospel DJ Mo.

DJ Mo, aka Sammy Muraya, put up a photo of his ‘beast’, which I must say is very impressive. And while everyone was going ga ga praising him for a good aquisition, one fan found himself being shut down in the funniest way.


Can we say that DJ Mo has the best clapback? I think so. It’s not easy dealing with haters, as young people call them.

This is what a user by the name Gichuki posted;

Pogbart GichukiStop bragging. yu du is brag.
DJ Mo has the most epic response that quickly put the fan in his place. What do you think?
DJ MO [topa de top dj]😹😹😹😂 your spirit might not make you succeed in life please change –

Fans jumped in to DJ Mo’s defense.

Maxwell MaxMúchángi Hey buddy you need to change your altitude, Dj Mo never brags, he is a simple guy this are all blessings from the most High God so let your blessings come too, stop locking them away
Julie Shey Wa Maria so wale wanataka kulilia ndani ya range rover tukae kipande gani?asking for my colleague

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