Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

I was so afraid of driving! Size 8 says after DJ Mo gifted her a brand new car (photo)

Renowned Gospel Deejay, DJ Mo is justifying the decision his wife Size 8 made when she forgave him after his cheating scandal last year.

The celebrity DJ impressed fans and followers alike when gifted Size 8 a brand new car. The man showed off the wonderful gift he presented to his wife on his Instagram page.

He said that he bought the car for his wife to improve her driving skill, further adding that since Size 8 had overcome her fear of driving, it was only fitting for her to get to enjoy ‘this beautiful toy.’

“I love cars a lot and now that my wife has overcome the fear of driving, I want her to enjoy this beautiful toy …I had to soup up this for my babe so she can improve her driving skills . Thank you @officialmohagrafix for making sure it came out so well as we had agreed na imerudi mpya . babe @size8reborn enjoy and I love you and Glory to God,” captioned DJ Mo.

And Size 8 wasn’t playing around as she made sure to take the Toyota Celica for a spin immediately. She posted a video of herself driving the car a few hours before saying that she was glad that she had overcome her fear of driving.

Mama Wambo disclosed that she had been living in fear such that she couldn’t sleep when it was dark.

“I overcame fear guys HALLELUJAH by the blood of Jesus I overcame fear of driving.😭😭😭😭😭 I was so afraid of driving yet hata gari sina. Nilikuwa kwa minyororo ya uwoga for so many years I couldn’t even sleep usiku kwa darkness at some point. But now am free In Jesus amen!!,” she wrote.

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