Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Dj Mo gets down on one knee with apology to heal troubled marriage


Their marital woes had the internet fixated for quite sometime, before we moved on to the next scandal.

Dj Mo took wife Size 8 on a second baecation to Nanyuki to apologize and pledge his love to her once again amid cheating allegations as they also mark seven years in marriage.

In their latest youtube video, the swanky Dj gets down on one knee and apologizes to Size 8 calling her his queen and that he is excited to see the next phase of their marriage.

Their first vacay was in Coast where she showered her hubby with love, revealing why she has always stood with him no matter the drama or indiscretions.

There are 2 sides of a story – DJ Mo’s alleged side chic Margaret Wanyama now says

“Come baby, I love you so much and I want this to be forever, happy 7th anniversary and you are my queen wewe ndio unamalizanga roho yangu, unaniuwa. I’m very sorry for what  did to hurt you but I want you to know I would do anything for you, and I love you from deep down in  my heart (gets down on one knee )”

He acknowledged he messed up and his loving wife accepted the apology and smiled. Size 8 awwed his effort and thanked him  as he repeated ‘I love you’.

With their marriage under social media scrutiny, Size 8 and Dj Mo insisted at the end of the clip that

“We are in this together”

Ask Frankie the last time he bought clothes or toys for the kids – Maureen Waititu says

The Muraya’s in the same video share clips from back in the day, reminiscing their first pregnancy journey, to moving houses several times, and the death of Size 8’s mum that proved to be a turning point for the couple.


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