DJ Mo and family escape thugs in highway drama (video)

DJ Mo and Size 8 have been the most loving couple the past few weeks, wonderfully tying in with the phrase, ” A family that prays together, stays together.”

They have been the image of bliss and joy after the cheating scandal that rocked their marriage and have been inseparable since then.

This weekend, Dj Mo and his two kids were driving in his Range Rover along the busy Nairobi-Naivasha Highway when a bunch of robbers ambushed them.

Mo narrated his experience on his Instagram page where he showed his dented Range Rover. The gospel celeb explained that the thugs had pelted stones at his car but he didn’t stop.

He advised other motorists not to fall for the robbers’ tricks in case they’re ambushed the same way. “God is faithful at all times. be warned !!! those who use nakuru – nairobi highway, listen, if anything happens to you at kinungi especially at night, never ever stop.”

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He went on to add that he had the same incident happening to several people that he knew.

“I have heard several cases and jana it happened to us. ..incase uskie gari imerushiwa mawe, don’t stop, don’t swerve concentrate and even if your tyre bursts enda na rim kindly. Thugs want you stop and they rob you off everything. Be warned especially this holiday season. stay safe watu nguyas.” he posted accompanied by the video below.

His wife also reacted to her hubbies post adding that some things are there to test our faith.

“Temptations from the devil are meant to sift our faith to make us faithless the devil comes to tempt us in five ways ego, fear, pride, greed or moral compromise. jesus helps us keep our faith by praying for us just as he prayed for simon peter!! and he helps us see our weakness and so we run to the father god for support!! we should be confident that he who began a good work in us is faithful and just to complete it!! for jesus himself prays for us continually and his prays cannot fail!!”

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