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Dj Joe Mfalme slams fan for mocking his single status 


Mix master Dj Joe Mfalme is considered among eligible Kenyan male celebrities.

Perhaps he has been placed on the list because we don’t have a clue about his marital status.

Anyway, the spin master is celebrating his birthday and dedicated a cute message to himself that many found hilarious.

He wrote

Guy, Join me in wishing your girlfriend’s favorite DJ a Happy Birthday. 🎂🎂🎂 Asanteni sana for your love and support over the years… Nawapenda sana.

So his fans responded with the usual happy birthday messages, but one person caught the Dj’s attention.

The ‘rude’ fan according to the Dj asked something inappropriate about his marital status, and he was not in the slightest amused.

Here is how Joe Mfalme blasted the fan

joe mfalme blasts kot

But seriously, is he married? Mafisilets would love to know so they can move on to the next celebrity crush.

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