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He is still in hospital with Sh11 million bill, Babu only paid Sh5 million – Dad of DJ evolve

Dj Evolve was unknown by most Kenyans until he was allegedly shot by Babu Owino at the B-Club premises where he worked as the resident deejay.

Since that tragic January day, he has been at Nairobi Hospital recuperating from his wounds. While there, contradictory reports have emerged, like; the cost of his treatment, how much of it had been offset by Babu Owino and whether he was still at the hospital?

Babu Owino wearing a blue suit
Babu Owino wearing a blue suit

This past weekend, The-Star spoke to the entertainer’s father to get a clearer picture of what was really going on? John Orinda, dismissed reports that his son had been released from Nairobi hospital.

DJ Evolve is a personal friend and no one can come in between us – Babu Owino

Not only that, Mr. Orinda also contradicted the earlier claim made by Babu Owino that he had settled his son’s hospital bill.

“He is still in hospital and as we speak, I’m in the ward with him. The bill is still too high. Babu paid only Sh5 million of the Sh16 million bill.”

Dj Evolve in a file photo
Dj Evolve in a file photo

Babu had also claimed that Dj Evolve hadn’t been released because of the Covid-19 pandemcic, something Mr. Orinda was having none off stating that his son’s lower body is still unresponsive.

“He has been moved to the general ward, but he can’t sit. His upper body is okay, his hands can move, he can talk, but he has a pipe in the oesophagus to pass out mucus. So he can’t talk when it’s inside. His legs are still unresponsive.”


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