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Has he forgiven the man who shot him in the neck? DJ Evolve tells all

DJ Evolve’s life will never be the same again! He better than most now knows the value and impact a second can have on one’s life.

A time in history where Emabakasi MP Babu Owino allegedly pulled the trigger on the unsuspecting DJ. A moment that will forever be etched in Kenyan minds.

Babu Owino wearing a blue suit
Babu Owino wearing a blue suit

Yesterday, the DJ gave an interview to NTV and one could see tell see the impact that that fateful day in January had already had on him.

The DJ whose real names are Felix Orinda explained that he couldn’t do anything for himself, and fully depends on other people to do things for him. Evolve who struggled with his speech due to a tube that has been attached to his neck said,

“I’m currently …just here. There is nothing I do for myself, so I’m fully dependent on people do to things for me.”

DJ Evolve is a personal friend and no one can come in between us – Babu Owino

The DJ, however, had a positive spin on his condition saying that he had improved a bit since the start of his ordeal,

“I’m OK generally, I’m doing better as opposed to when it first happened. I was really traumatized at the beginning but I learnt to live with it. At least nowadays I can be able to sleep, but before I couldn’t sleep at all, I kept having flashbacks of the fateful day. I needed medication to put me to sleep.”

Dj Evolve
Dj Evolve on the decks

The DJ who has been recuperating at home mentioned that his health is slowly improving as he can now move his hands a bit, something that was not possible before.

“I’m slightly able to move my limbs (Hands), that’s the much I can do, but I can’t be able to move my arms. Not really, because these were my tools of trade, so when I don’t have them there is no way I can be able to work. But generally, looking at it, its better because I can move them, but before I couldn’t do that.”

Dj Evolve on the decks with Barack Jacuzzi in the past
Dj Evolve on the decks with Barack Jacuzzi in the past

The one burning question many may have for the DJ is whether he had forgiven the person who had put him in that horrible position? He answer was open-ended saying that he left that to the Lord;

“I left that to God and I’m waiting for the justice system to see what will go through. But aside from that, I don’t have anything else to say.”

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