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Joy as Dj Evolve finally leaves hospital (videos)

Felix Orinda or as many call him Dj Evolve is finally out of Nairobi Hospital. The Dj who was allegedly shot by Babu Owino in B-Club earlier this year, has been recuperating for close to 4 months.

The DJ was released yesterday afternoon with the hospital providing him with an adjustable bed as he still can’t walk. According to a Star reporter on-site, the Dj can talk but only in a low voice due to the many operations he underwent.

Dj Evolve in a file photo
Dj Evolve in a file photo

The reporter also added that Babu Owino was still paying for his treatment with reports from the Dj’s father claiming that the bill had risen to Sh. 16 million as of Mid-May with Babu having paid about Sh. 5 million only.

This follows a long road to recovery for the Dj that started with his hospitalisation at Nairobi Hospital’s ICU wing.

DJ Evolve is a personal friend and no one can come in between us – Babu Owino

After that, the Dj underwent two successful surgeries; In the first, a bullet that was lodged in his neck was removed, while in the second surgery, a blood clot was removed from the affected area. He was scheduled for a third surgery on January 20 but it didn’t happen and was postponed.

Dj Evolve
The deejay

The Dj underwent the 3rd surgery in May that would help him heal quicker from his injuries.

Babu Owino was accused of shooting the Dj in the neck on January 16 at B Club on Galana Road, Kilimani. The case is ongoing. Check out the videos below of the Dj leaving the hospital;

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