DJ Creme Flaunts His Beautiful, Hippy Wife For The World To See [Photo]

Kenya’s top DJ Creme de la Creme is a father of two and hubby to a gorgeous lady by the name Denise. It is never easy being in the limelight and balancing family time. In fact, in previous interviews, the entertainer has revealed that his wife never accompanies him to his shows.

This is partly because of the fan craze during the shows, making it difficult to give her all the attention. She apparently prefers staying at home in order not to “feel something” when fans throng to take pics with the DJ.

DJ Creme De La Creme Reveals How He Met His Lovely Wife Denise

“She just told me, I can’t deal. She respects it, she doesn’t get ticked off. But as a woman as is only right utaskia kakitu [she’ll feel something]. Yeah, so her she prefers not coming for my events,” he said in an interview with Pulse Live.

The two have come a long way. Despite their tumultuous past, given that Creme had a s3x tape, they keep going stronger and stronger.

Here’s the pic he posted; his wife looking all curvy.


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