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‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says her inbox is full of marriage proposals from different men who want to date and even marry her.

Betty, who was previously married to Pastor Kanyari, says she will only date men who have characteristics which she listed in a post on her social media accounts.

My inbox is full of proposal to cut the list short here are.

One of the characteristics is that the man should be divorced and a single father.

Well, Betty says they both have to have that similarity.

Another one is the man should be a peaceful person and one who is not violent.

Here are the other characteristics,

apart from being born again and God fearing below is the list of quality of my future husband (mundu wa Ngai ni Kwiyaria) A Godly person is one who speaks the truth)
1 divorcee/single father ( bird of the same feathers )
2 high self esteem staki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have Mimi nsha overcome no crying babies
3 not mamas boy no no noo

‘I moved in with Pastor Kanyari three weeks after we met’, Betty Bayo shares past mistakes

The singer
The singer

4 be a tither in his church , no heavenly thief
5 know English, we can’t both talk broken English my fans must see the different
6 love my kids
7 vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force
8 no shouting or violent I love peace
9 no too serious I don’t want a boring life
10 statement and original id😎
For those men in boxing me now you know,” she wrote.

Betty has been giving details about her life and in one post, she said that she moved in with Pastor Kanyari few weeks after they met and she did not even know his official names.



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