Mario Magonga

‘We had to divert my mum’s calls to prevent her finding out about our brother’s death’ Cries Mario Magonga’s sister

The family of Captain Mario Magonga is still trying to come to terms with his death alongside four American citizens in a plane crash in Lake Turkana.

The 4 passengers are believed to have been tourists and had visited Lobolo Tented camp on the island’s national park. The bodies are expected at Wilson airport later today.

Magonga’s sister has said that they tried all they could to make sure that he news of their brothers death did not reach their mother but it did despite all  their efforts.

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Gladys Magonga, the pilot’s sister said that she received the news at around 5 am from her brother’s wife who lives in Nairobi.

Gladys described her brother as a reserved person who took his work seriously and did not involve the family in the work he was doing because of its nature.

“I was shocked and we had a litmus test in the morning when we were trying to keep information from our mother because she’s fragile since she has health issues.

The news was all over, so we had to shut down television, keep radio away and diverted her phone calls,” she said during an interview heard by Classic 105

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