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DISCLOSED!!! This Is The MAIN Reason MEN Lie

Let me start by saying that we all lie!

But then, lying is a tool men use to save themselves from the wrath of women. Research has shown that men lie twice as much as women do. Ladies, how many times have you caught your man lying? Your blood must be boiling when you think of the many times he has lied to you.

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Men are creative when it comes to creating new lies every day. Well, there are many reasons why men lie but there is only one MAIN reason and that is – they are afraid of your reaction to the truth!

Even though a woman says she’d rather hear the truth about a situation than keeping it a secret, a man knows very well she would go mad if he tells her. So, the man must lie to save the relationship.

Even though lying can compromise your moral, it can be a good thing (according to most men). Ask how? Let’s go through a couple of things;


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You can’t tell a woman she is overweight

Using the word ‘fat’ can cost you a relationship. You just can’t tell a woman she is too plus size not to mention telling her she eats a lot. On the other hand, you just can’t call a slender woman ‘thin’ asking her to add some flesh. You just have to lie about it all and simply tell her she is beautiful.

You can’t talk about her make-up

Bad make up is unattractive, especially when the eyebrows don’t match each other. You can’t just talk about how badly she has worn her makeup unless you want her to call it quits on your relationship. That drives a man to lie, he might say “I love your makeup” but then he knows that the lady almost looks like she is prepped to act in a horror movie.

You can’t ask her age or talk about it

You’ve probably heard a woman say ‘I’m sweet sixteen.’ You will get into trouble for reminding a woman that she is getting old after she just hit 35 years. To make things worse, you will be single when you ever announced her age in public.

Just to remind you, here are some of the common lies men tell;

I’m Not Drunk

I’m On my way

I’m stuck on traffic

My battery is low

I missed your call

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